Opplev Nord AS, Konrad Klausens v. 4A, 8003 Bodø, Norway. Phone + 47 901 92 636. Email ola@opplevnord.no. Org. nr. 923 241 892.

Pick up at Bodø Airport or in the city centre.
From April 1st until October 31st.

We offer touring bikes, touring eBikes and eMTB's - you will find a bike for long trips and on any surface including terrain. Experience Lofoten, Helgeland, Steigen, Salten, Kjerringøy, Saltstraumen, Bodø outbacks or Bodø city - not worrying about transport schedules or expencive ferries.


A quality helmet, charger (for eBikes) and repair kit is included. If you wish, add a comfortable backpack and luggage carrier bags (not on eMTB's).


Book and pay here - if you can't find anything available call + 47 901 92 636 and we will find a solution.